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Monday, June 04, 2007

Launching at the Syrian Cultural Centre

Last Friday May 25 th , eBizguides, in collaboration with the Syrian Cultural Centre in Spain, hosted the launching and presentation of the just published business guidebook: eBizguide Syria , “All you need to know to do business and have fun”.

We were honoured to have the presence of the Syrian Ambassador in Spain, his Excellency, Dr. Makram Obeid, who expressed to be very happy with the publication.

The panel table was integrated by the Director of the Syrian Cultural Centre, Mr. Rifaat Atfé, who acted as a moderator; Mr. Souhel Jinad in representation of the Syrian Embassy, who talked about the current reforms in terms of investment laws in Syria; Ms. Wuendy Cardenas and Mr. Sebastien Alvarez, two representatives of eBizguides who talked about the production of the guide in Syria; and Mr. Pedro Montoya, representing both the Syrian Chamber of Commerce in Spain and the SGA Group, who talked about his experience and initiatives to improve the commercial relations between Spanish investors and Syrian companies.

Among the public were Mr. Pedro Martinez Seiquer, President of “Dialogo Mediterraneo”, and the President of the Hispanic-Syrian Chamber of Commerce, Dr. George Adam.

eBizguides was very pleased with the reception of the book by the public and will continue to promote this great book which is already a best seller in Damascus and has attracted the interest of many international investors worldwide.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


We just published our latest eBizguides: Angola!!!

We created the essential Guide Book on how to do business and have fun in Angola, specifically designed with the business globetrotter in mind. Angola eBizguides contains a profound analysis of all the economic and business sectors, as well as the top companies and institutions in Angola. It will provide practical information on doing business in the local market, and having fun in your spare time.

So when travelling to Angola, don´t forget to take your Angola eBizguides with you.

For more information or pre-orders please write to: ecommerce@winne.com